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There are many bazaar terms and things that we come up with for our comic, so here is an organized database of some of our madness:
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Authors: The only thing in the comic that is more powerful than a god. An author has the power to control and create the comic. There are three authors: Gamermaster (who writes the dialog), his younger brother SubrosianDimitri (who does everything else) and Dark Star, who used the power of the Master Stars to ascend to this position.


Beam Spam: How the characters in the comic refer to the trope kamehamehadoken, characters use this attack when they get particularly angry.
It is not to be confused with a Shoop Da Whoop.
Brain Gamer Weekly: Cortex Studio's Nintendo Power equivalent. It contains information on upcoming games, cheat codes, and ads for men's body wash. It apparently costs quite a bit, but Void is getting it for free on account of him getting a job as an official game reviewer.


Chaos Heart: The heart of an heir to the throne of Kayoss manifested outside their bodies. The exact requirements for summoning one are not entirely clear, but they appear to include the marriage of a Dark Lord and a Pure Princess (or two people just dressed up as them.) As a nexus of Order and Chaos, they have two main powers: Representing order is their ability to grant healing factors to inorganinc matter that is brought near it (The amount of time the healing takes is determined by the size of the damage and the complexity of the object being repaired), and representing Chaos is their ability to give off large fluxuating amounts of energy. The three known Kayoss to have their hearts summoned were: Shadowpalm (from the marriage of Peach and Bowser), Void (from the "marriage" of Dimentio and Mr L in a dress), and Carnation (from Timpani and Blumiere's legal wedding [people can't perform their own marriages]). Only one Chaos Heart can be around at any one time, and once it has been destroyed (i.e. returned to the body of their respective Kayoss), it can not be resummoned.
Chaotic Order: An ability of the King or Queen of the Kayoss to always be stronger than the total strength of the opponents they are fighting.
Chocolate Wiimotes: A popular candy in the BeanBean Kingdom. They are known for their wrappers that make them resemble a Wii Remote.
Cobalt Star: A blue star with a green center, it has the power to create time portals and manipulate time. It was originally guarded by the Mushroom Kingdom, but it disappeared after Mario & Luigi's adventures in the past. It later showed up at the Hooniversity, where it sent each member of L's Empire to a different time period.
Conglomiverse: A little bit between a universe and a multiverse, a conglomiverse is a group of universes that are melded to a certain degree at the edges but still follow their own laws of physics within their borders.
Continuity Sickness: Temporary insanity caused by memories of multiple games with contradictory continuity forcing themselves into a straight line of memories.
Cortex: The most popular 15.3 bit video game console in the conglomiverse.
Cortex Studios: One of the main video game companies in the conglomiverse. Void is a big fan of and reviews their games here.


Dimension D: A dimension of Dimentio's own creation. While there a persons power level is multiplied by OVER 9000!!! (actually only 256).
Dimentio Pet Peeves #1: Dimentio, for some unknown reason, hates it whenever someone does a fancy intro, and will fire a kamehamehadoken at the victim. He's been taking anger management classes to help deal with the problem, it mainly involves him counting to ten to calm down (so far he's only been able to reach 5.) Also he only gets annoyed by people that do intro's on their own or in pairs. Groups of three or more (including separate but in rapid succession) don't bother him.


Fancy Intros: A random act performed by characters to introduce themselves. Dimentio is annoyed by them to no end.
Federation of United Species Summit: (Better known as F.U.S.S.) It was founded by Princess Peach after the Great Smashclysm to increase the relationships between the different species in the Marioverse. They have only had one meeting so far and it is unknown how it went.
Forbidden Zone: A place where all licensed and unlicensed video game characters reside. They are incapable of leaving, except for those that have had crossovers with other video games, and even then they can only cross over in those sections of the conglomiverse.
Fourth Wall: Purely hypothetical.


Glitch Hole: A worm hole caused by the immense amount of different video game universes squished together. They can either appear naturally at random, or can be created by SubrosianDimitri's long named attack.
God Mod Formula: A rule in the comic created to prevent total invincibility, it states: X-Y=X-X x=0. In other words, when someone who is invincible faces someone else that is invincible or faces someone that is powered by the same source that gave the first person their invincibility, the invincibility is canceled out. Fluffy is unaffected by the God Mod Formula.
GRU Model: The Robots built by Dr Wily to capture Geminiman. GRU stands for Geminiman Retrevial Unit. There are five known models: Data Man, Shield Man, Joule Man, Wheel Man, and Omega Man.


Impossible Plot Channel: A rarely watched television channel that is known for plot coverage and having information that it shouldn't be able to have. It is hosted by Missingno. They like to interrupt fight scenes.


Kayoss: A species that exists in the Realm of Chaos, they age 100 times slower than humans and live to be about 20000 years old. Because of this, it is genetically impossible for a couple to have more than three living children at a time. They have disembodied limbs that are controlled via pheromones. Kayoss are notorious for having terrible spelling, they would be unable to spell a word correctly, even if they were looking at the spelling in the dictionary in front of them. Notable members include: Void, Shadowpalm, and Carnation.
King Sammer's Generic Tournament for Fighter Type People: A fighting tournament that King Sammer held to decide who would obtain his piece of the Vim Star.


LEX Projects: A series of Robots created by L's Empire with the hope of achieving a fifth member. LEX stands for L's Empire's eXperiments. The only known creations are LEX-001, also known as QS, and LEX-002, also known as Gold Joe.
Love Struck: All Kayoss are destined to have a true love. When they first make eye contact with their significant other, they become Love Struck, which consists of: stabbing pains in their heart, drool from their eyes (not a pretty sight), and a loss of consiousness for about five minutes.
L's Empire: The organization founded by Luigi after he left Mario. Its members are Mr L, Dimentio, Geminiman, and Void (Fluffy is a pet he doesn't count). Their motives are completely unknown, even to its leader.
L's Empire Extermination Team: (also known as L.E.E.T.) An organization consisting of QS, Gold Joe, Temporary Dark Samus, Tails Doll and Weegee who want to destroy L's Empire. Pete was a member, but he was fired during the first meeting.


Magical Time Travel: The less commonly used and more dangerous form of time travel. The rules, if any, are completely determined by the type of magic being used. It is possible, and in fact very likely, that changes will be made to the timeline. The side effects of this depend on what changes were made. Those using magical time travel are unaffected by any changes that are made.
Mechanical Time Travel: The more commonly used and less dangerous form of time travel. You can only travel back in time to a point that you weren't born yet and it is impossible to change the timeline. When you return to the future, the amount of time you were gone is added onto your return point.
Memeic Syndrome: A conputer viurs caused by the CPU coming in direct contact with a highly magical artifact. There are two differnt types: type 1 and type B. With type 1 the robot or computer in question will start to randomly spout out verbal internet memes (either directly or in variations). As the state of the virus worsens, the spouts become more and more frequent. In the final stages, the robot in question has been completely engrossed by the virus and spouts out nothing but highly annoying memes. In this stage, direct contact with the victim can cause other robots or even living beings to suffer from short term effects. The only known cure is to enter the Konami code backwards. As for type B (which requires contact with a memetic entity), once in control, the victim can manifest the memes in real life.
Mer-Krydda: The style of fighting used by female Kayoss. For more information, see this.
Meter Star: A red star with a purple center that controls space in the Marioverse. It was originally guarded by the Koopa Kingdom, but Bowsers grandfather sold it. It was later found by Luigi's old partners, who gave them to L's Empire after dealing with some unfinished business with Luigi.
Mind Control: The ability to take control of another's thoughts and actions. Any living being can be placed under mind control unless: they also have mind control powers, they are already under mind control, they are a recolor, or they are a store clerk.
Mirror Star: A purple star with a blue center that controls all dimensions in the Marioverse. It was originally guarded by the Kayoss, but Harbrynjir misplaced it.


Nap Time: A prison on the timeplane where everyone but the prisoner is a baby. If the babies get upset, the prisoners body starts to melt. The body parts only revive if the prisoner cheers up the babies. Dimentio was sent here due to the mixing of the Cobalt Stars temporal aura and his own dimensional powers.
Nej-Lök: The style of fighting used by male Kayoss. For more information, see this.
N.S.F.A.Q.: This stands for Not So Frequently Asked Questions. They are used when the authors feel the need to address questions that haven't been asked.
Nutrimensnam Sententia: An extremely rare species that exists within the Realm of Chaos capable of creating thousands of copies of itself in seconds. Upon birth, they bond with a host and will feed off of said hosts brain waves. In return for a constant supply of food, they protect the host and also grant partial resistance to mind control.


Peri Palms: Shadowpalms ultimate technique where he does an almost complete fusion with Peri. For the five minutes that the ability is activated, Shadowpalm is granted increased strength, stamina and speed.


Realm of Chaos: The home dimesion of the Kayoss. The most important factor about it is how time works. From an insiders point of view, time seams to move normally, but for non Kayoss that enter their dimension then return will find out what's wrong. Imagine a plate of spaghetti. Now try and draw every strand of spaghetti (including the ones you can't see) as one single line. That's about half as complex as the flow of time in the Realm of Chaos. Time moves fowards there, but in relation to the rest of the multiverse, it can speed up, slow down, reverse, skip, loop, pause, go sideways and in spirals. Clocks brought in from other dimensions will commit suicide upon entering. Kayoss that leave their dimension will return with the correct amount of time that they were gone, but non-kayoss are never so lucky.
Recolor: A creature created by Reco using artificial matter. They resemble another living being, except they are a different color and have a different personality (usually, the greater the difference in color, the greater the difference in personality, though this is not always the case). Unique abilities and powers are not copied to the recolor upon their creation. Since they are not true beings, recolors lack souls, are not very intelligent, and are immune to mind control.


Scoreboard: A floating white board that seems to appear wherever a competition is going on between two groups. It also appears to have a very strong sense of fair play, as it deducted points from Mr L when he uses Fluffy for help.
Smashclysm: An event caused by the release of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Due to the inclusion of third party characters, the connections between the gaming universes became too strong and pulled almost all the other ones together, resulting in the Conglomiverse. Along with connecting the different gaming universes togeather, it also merged the different continuities of the games, and gives all the games a set order. As a result, Mario and Luigi have memory of every single Mario game ever made and recieved heavy mental stress from their minds trying to arrange games that were never supposed to have an overarching plot.
Subversal God: The weaker variety of god. Subversal gods have unique abilities that will work in any universe. Since they are not bound to any universe, the destruction of threaders does not affect them. The only known subversal god is Reco.
Sue Ez Spensive: The most expensive resturant in the whole of the conglomiverse. It is also where General Man's old war buddy, Champ Man, is employed. A single glass of water costs 10,000 coins (and thats when they're having a sale). Void took Roll here the night QS was created by paying with Geminiman's Credit Card. There is a glitch hole to the second floor of the Hooniversity located in the coat rack.
Sybling: A common mispelling of the word sibling used by the Kayoss.


Tempestar: A yellow star with a red center that is in control of all elements in the Marioverse. It was originally guarded by the Shy Guy Grand Tribe, but was lost after a freak storm. It somehow ended up in Void's copy of Boo the Hedgehog 3, where it brought to life some of the toughest bosses in Cortex history.
Temporal Anomaly Correction Team: (Better known as T.A.C.T.) An organization of time police that make sure the time stream remains how it should. Two known members are Pix Star and Hector Calcius Bone.
Threader: In each Video Game Universe, there exists a single being that exists to keep their Universe in balance with all the other ones. Sometimes the character is obvious and sometimes their identity can be surprising. If this being is destroyed, then everything from that Universe ceases to exist (only things that are purely from that universe are effected) and if they die a natural death, the power passes onto another character. As of now, nine threaders are known: Mario for the Mario Universe, Tingle for the Zelda Universe, Gilgamesh for the Final Fantasy Universe, Torneko for the Dragon Quest Universe, Ridley for the Metriod Universe, Sara Trantoul for the Castlevania Universe, Eggplant Wizard for the Kid Icarus Universe, Dan Habiki for the Street Fight Universe, the T Block for the Tetris Universe, Professor Oak for the Pok���©mon Universe, Whispy Woods for the Kirby Universe, Pix for Gamermasters's left pocket and Pete the Primid for the Smash Brothers Universe.
Throne of Chaos: The throne which the King or Queen of the Kayoss must sit upon 9-5 every weekday in order to maintain the harmony between order and chaos.


Universal God: The more powerful type of god. Universal gods have a large number of powers and abilities, but they only work within their native universe. If they were to leave their universe, they would be no more powerful than anyone else.


Viewers Recognition: An ability of gods and demigods to remember everything that has happened on-panel in the comic.
Vim Star: A green star with a yellow center that supplies all the vim (life energy) in the Marioverse. It was originally guarded by the Dry Bones Kingdom, but it was shattered by Palmaster. It has the ability to magnify the natural abilities of whoever uses a piece of it.
Virus Mode: A form that Geminiman takes when he merges with Siruv. It causes him to turn black with green dots while converting all the ego in his body into raw power. In Geminiman's own words, "You're going to make me look insanely hideous."
Void's Spear: A prized family heirloom in the Distrukshun family. It has many uses, but, unfortunately Yoshi destroyed it before all of its powers could be shown. Its only known abilities were a glowing spearhead and a ejector tip.


Woohoo Hooniversity: Often shortened to the Hooniversity, it is the main headquarters for L's Empire and is also the place where F.U.S.S. holds their meetings. The damage that L's Empire ends up giving the building never fails to annoy their landlord, Generalman. Fortunately, the Chaos Hearts grant the building an almost limitless regeneration power (although it the time it takes for the damage to be reverted seems to vary).


Y Guys: The Mushroom Kingdoms greatest (i.e. only) superhero team. Their leader is Gardener who is joined by Snowball, Masquerade and Glowstick. Their team is a parody of the X-Men (for the name), the Fantastic Four (for the amount of members and their choice of team color), and the term wise guy. The members are as follows: Gardener the leader who can make hypo-allergenic flowers grow on peoples heads that are easily removable, Glowstick whose shell glows in the dark if exposed to long periods of bright light, Masquerade has an unlimited supply of easily breakable masks, and Snowball who can multiply his size by 2 3 4 and 5 but his weight remains the same. Shortstop and Fastball used to be members until they were kicked out for being to violent (or because they were actually useful, take your pick).