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Given the large size of the conglomiverse, it is understandable that there are a great deal of stories to be told. Here is a list of all the sagas that have taken place or are planned for future release. Please note that all future ones will be listed by their initials until the proper time (Possible Spoilers).

Previous Sagas

Intro Saga

Info: Meet L's Empire as they go about their business and learn to work as group (with little progress). Along the way they deal with siblings, parents, summits, video games and crossovers (some of which at the same time.)
Main Villain: None
Ends: Geminiman II- Pt. 53

Dark Star Saga

Info: L's Empire tries to collect the five master stars while trying to discover the secret behind the night of five lights.
Main Villains: Dark Star
Starts: DS Saga
Ends: Dawn of a New Saga- Pt. 6

Pixl Queen Saga

Info: Due to Dimentio's actions, the Pixl Queen has been freed from her prison and L's Empire must now try to stop her and her Pixl Army.
Main Villain: Phala
Starts: PQ Saga
Ends: Skim Skirmish- Pt. 14
Sergeant Smacka Saga

Info: The Whacka are fighing for freedom and respect! Unfortunately, they're doing it by killing Threaders. It's up to L's Empire to prevent the collapse of the Conglomiverse.
Main Villain: Sergeant Smacka
Starts: SS Saga
Ends: Threading up the Loose Ends- Pt. 21
Forbidden Zone Saga

Info: In a startling case of déjà vu, three licensed characters decide to kill Threaders. It's up to L's Empire to prevent the collapse of the Conglomiverse... again.
Main Villain: Rocman X
Starts: FZ Saga
Ends: The End is Nigh- Pt. 14

Current Saga

Temporary Dark Samus Saga

Info: To be announced
Main Villain: Temporary Dark Samus
Starts: TDS Saga
Ends: To be announced