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A Hand of Darkness- Pt. 5

April 11th, 2010, 7:00 pm

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Exposition, Exposition...
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Reply Gamermaster, April 11th, 2010, 2:59 pm

Author Comment: With a few notable exceptions, all members of the royal line have unique powers. the powers are specifically tied to a single word and as they get older, they get a broader control over said word, eventually gaining complete control over said word and all its definitions in the english language. This is a result of Ientroupi getting drunk one day with an english teacher (just because Kayoss can't spell, doesn't mean they can't have decent grammar.) Note that only kayos born to the current ruler will gain powers, not the rulers nieces and nephews. Shadowpalm does not have any powers because he was born before his father became king. Dafiedyl often apologizes to her grandson for this fact.

Note: the names in brackets are who they married.

Dysearr Ryndum (Dice are Random) - None
(King) Ientroupi ys Ryndum (Entropy is Random) [Dalya Blum Ryndum (Dahlia Bloom Random)]- None (The First Change)
(Queen) Kaamylla Ryndum (Camellia Random) (The Iron Thorn) [Payn fil Dethe (Painful Death)]- Plant: Starts off with the ability to control plants, then to make things grow, and finally the ability to plant anything (be it an object, thought or concept) into anything else.
This part of the Family tree is damaged due to Wyrld having spilled coffee all over it.
(Queen) Leilakk Mydnyc (Lilac Madness) (The Enlightened One) [Miet yr Doume (Meet your Doom)]- Light: Starts off with the ability to shoot lasers and blind opponents, but works its way up to weight control (she can fly) and instant experience (enlightenment).
Roasee ced Mydnyc (Rose seed Madness) - Dark: Starts off with the ability to hide things in shadows and manipulate shadows in on a 3 dimensional plane, then the ability to manipulate bad (dark) thoughts, and works it's way up to hide concepts (keeping it in the dark).
Krycanthemom Doume (Chrysanthemum Doom) -
Doct er Doume (Doctor Doom) - Mirror: Starts off with the ability to reflect and reverse, and moves up to the ability to copy stuff and mimic (skills, appearances, etc.).
(King) Harbrynjir uv Doume (Harbringer of Doom) (The Stone Wall) [Uzaillya Doume (Azalea Doom)]- Hard: Starts off with the ability to control an objects density and strength and works its way to being able to control luck (how hard something is).
(Queen) Dafiedyl Doume (Daffodil Doom) (The Rough Maiden) [Lattsuv Distrukshun (Lot's of Destruction)]- Friction: starts off with the ability to control the slipperiness of objects, working it's way up to control over a persons level of anger.
Glume en Doume (Gloom and Doom) - Transparant: starts off with the ability to make things partially or fully invisible and works it's way up to preventing people from lying.
(King) Wyrld Distrukshun (World Destruction) (The Voice of reason) [Krycanthemom Distrukshun (Chrysanthemum Destruction)]- Sound: starts off with the ability to control sound waves, make what he says seem perfectly believable, and works its way up to being able to put things into a "sound" (i.e. perfect) state.
Deethin Distrukshun (Death and Destruction)- he technically doesn't have a power, unless you count Peri, if it wasn't for the fact that Peri was a gift from Palmaster for earning the rank of Master.
Void uv Distrukshun (Void of Destruction)- His power is Spear and thats all I'm telling you. Void also holds the distinction of being the best speller in the history of the entire royal family once scoring an 11% on a spelling test (The highest score ever gotten was 18%).
Carnation Lile Distrukshun (Carnation Lily Destruction)- Her power is mind... thats all I'm telling you

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Reply Djoing, April 12th, 2010, 2:41 am

Do you mean 'info' on panel 3?

Reply Gamermaster, April 12th, 2010, 6:57 am

... yes, DARN IT VOID!

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